Taloustieteen perusteet (Principles of Economics)

A 1st year undergraduate course (in Finnish)

Economic History

A course on quantitative economic history at Aalto / Helsinki GSE.

Fall 2018 version (full course).

Tartu short course, 2019:
Syllabus, How to get a good grade
1: Introduction, the Malthusian model and the experimental approach
2: Luck, geography and culture
3: Institutions I
4: Institutions II
5: Technology
6: Finance
7: Geographical and social mobility
8: Women, family and work

Integration of Immigrants

My part at the Economics of Migration and Asylum, Kiel Institute Summer School 2017

1: Integration: Measurement
2: Integration: Policy

Labor Economics

A labor course at Aalto (Fall 2012, together with Tuomas Pekkarinen).


1: Introduction; Static Labor Supply
2: Static Labor Supply: Welfare Programs
3: Intertemporal Labor Supply
4: Labor Demand: Work-Sharing
5: Labor Market Equilibrium: Immigration
6: Labor Market Equilibrium: Minimum Wages
7: Labor Market Equilibrium: Technological Change

Extra: Empirical Strategies

Please contact Tuomas for his part of the course.

International Economics

An undegraduate trade course at the University of Helsinki (Spring 2008).

1: Introduction
2: The Ricardian Model
3: Toolkit
4: The Heckscher-Ohlin Model
5: Growth and Trade; International Factor Movements
6: The “New Trade Theory”
7: Trade Policy I
8: Trade Policy II
9: Trade Negotiations; Regional Integration
10: Competitiveness; Immigration
11: Trade and the Labor Market
12: Summarizing the Essentials


A lecture on the economics of immigration, PhD Labor Economics, spring 2015
A lecture on empirical economics, MSc Introduction to Analytics and Data Science, fall 2015


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